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Synthetic stucco houses are sometimes known as EIFS or Dryvit houses as well.  The best way to describe these type buildings and homes are ” a claim waiting to happen”.  Never, ever treat one of these and put a “repair contract” on it.  Let me repeat that again – “NEVER, EVER”.

If you just have to make the money can can’t turn away from it, then put it under a “retreatment contract”.  And have the homeowner, property owner, sign a statement that there will be no repairs for past, present OR future damages in any shape, form or fashion.  AND then have their signature notorized for good measure.  You keep the original or better yet, get two copies signed and notorized.

The smart thing to do is simply stay as far away from these structures as possible.  We paid out millions of dollars around the Birmingham area back in the 1999-2001 time period.  These claims were the worst I have ever dealt with in my 21 years of insuring pest control operators.  Some went as high as $400,000 and litigation was the norm on most of these.