Baker Insurance Services is an insurance agency located in Columbus, Mississippi that specializes in providing insurance to the pest control industry. We have been insuring pest control companies since 1999.

We are quite possibly the only insurance agency in the United States that deals 100% in the pest control market. Baker Insurance Services currently has over 900 pest control companies insured - mostly in the Southeast. This shows our total commitment to the pest control industry.

We take pride in our partnership with the pest control industry. We are committed to "old fashioned" customer service. We are committed to excellence in the insurance field. Since this is all we do, you should expect nothing less. You deserve that from us and you will receive that from us.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope that you will be our next partner.


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Currently Serving Pest Control Companies In:

Alabama  •  Arkansas  •  Georgia  •  Illinois • Indiana  •  Kentucky  •  Louisiana  •  Missouri  •  Mississippi  •  Tennessee

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