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When something is missing in a home or apartment, a lot of people will point their finger at the pest control technician.  If they do, please be aware that general liability coverage does NOT cover that.

Theft is not considered negligence, which is what your policy covers.  Theft is considered an intentional act and those are not covered by the general liability policy.

You can, however, get coverage for “Employee Dishonesty”.  You can have coverage, but for it to pay off, an employee will have to be found guilty or make a confession.  In either case, the employee will be looking at jail.  But the policy will pay off in that case.

If you are interested in this coverage and have 5 employees, the cost is $115 for $10,000 coverage or $170 for $25,000 coverage (annual premium).  For 10 employees the cost is $164 for $10,000 coverage and $241 for $25,000 coverage.